Saturday, July 4, 2015

I Am +

I attended the Discovery Reconnection this morning at Philam Building in Makati City.
BF was supposed to come with me but decided against it at the last minute 😢

But still as always, I never regret choosing to go...
I was so happy and felt recharged after the event.
And now I am so excited for the next step to being a Life Coach...
The Abundance!!!

I know I am ready now, even my friends Gen, Josef and Coach Russ believes that I am
They also all agree that I am happy now, "blooming" was the word

I love this group and I know I will continue my journey with them...

Grateful I Am!

My bunso's first graham balls!

Maya Layug

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Daniel Burton said...

So glad to see people participate in such events. When you work in a team, it's the best way to succeed. I had an experience writing a creative brief in a team. Firstly it was so hard because everyone have different thoughts, but next day we understood that different views are the best way to get the consensus and write the best paper using knowledge of each participant.