Sunday, July 12, 2015


New Netbook for my personal use!
Thank You Papa God, I know you want this for me.
Kasi kung hindi, hindi ko dapat ito nakuha.
Have been looking around for a second hand one, but at the last minute You gave me this...
Thank You so much!

We brought these to Baby Sky earlier at Katarungan Village.
Me and bunso had lunch there with Kuya Janjan's home cooking. Afritadang chicken with pork and fried Tilapia. Napakain na naman tuloy ng kanin!
Waited for Nikko until he's home.
Fixed some of my other clothes, for pick-up when my service is free.

Going Home, we dropped by Robinson's Imus for Najel's cellphone battery but instead bought this new netbook!

Maya Layug

Saturday, July 4, 2015

I Am +

I attended the Discovery Reconnection this morning at Philam Building in Makati City.
BF was supposed to come with me but decided against it at the last minute 😢

But still as always, I never regret choosing to go...
I was so happy and felt recharged after the event.
And now I am so excited for the next step to being a Life Coach...
The Abundance!!!

I know I am ready now, even my friends Gen, Josef and Coach Russ believes that I am
They also all agree that I am happy now, "blooming" was the word

I love this group and I know I will continue my journey with them...

Grateful I Am!

My bunso's first graham balls!

Maya Layug

Friday, July 3, 2015

Night Cap

Yes, like now it's 2:34am. Actually I woke up at 1:30am not feeling very well. Went to the toilet, drank antacid and have been Facebooking to find sleep again when I saw this post.
Those first few months were one of the hardest time of my life.
But I don't regret anything, I don't regret my decision.
I would have stayed, same old routine, same old status. Me, no money... A LOT of payables
At least now I am slowly moving back to financial freedom,
I know, maybe a year or two then I'll be finally be able to declare that I am FINANCIALLY FREE!!!

It takes a lot of courage,
When you wake up at night and miss the times when your family are still together, so sad... And yet, choices have to be made.
We cannot get stuck in the rut for too long, or you will definitely lose your identity 😢

Life goes on, and a happier and more God filled this time.
God bless us!
Happy, I Am!

Maya Layug

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Random Memories

Selfies with my bunso

Maya Layug

Random Memories

Japanese date with my love
This was last June 12....

This is today, Sunday June 28, 2015
Breakfast with my bunso
Beef Chao Fan Ala Bea
Roasted Chicken
Lunch with my love
Of course, what is love without a Chess game? 💟💓
Mani Pedi with Hair Color at Wow!
Dinner Graham Balls by Bunso

Maya Layug

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tough Decisions

Dear Lord, when we are confronted with difficult situations, may we be reminded that You are our guiding light. May we be enlightened so we can make decisions according to Your will.

Maya Layug

Friday, June 12, 2015

Matabungkay Beach

Overnight with some not so close friends, of course with my bf
Overall, I love the place
I would like to go back there with my friends and really enjoy.
He asked me if I enjoyed, I said "next question please..." 😡
But well, considering that I did not really enjoy much. It's still something to remember.
Lessons learned,
Like, I'll still do what I want to do.
When it becomes uncomfortable, then I'll have to go.
Especially when I feel grrrrr 😬

Kidding aside, I learned something.
When even just during our trip going to the place, I already felt uncomfortable.
The same discomfort I felt when I was with them already.
Although I tried my best to blend in, which was okay during some part of our stay.
I can still say that it was an uncomfortable trip, and I definitely did not enjoy it.

It was so hot when we got there, no air blowing while we were at sea during the night...
Drank some beer, laughed a lot when one of them got drunk and started a question and answer game. Never getting satisfied with the answers that he got. Eventually he got so drunk and vomited while sleeping...

Good thing our room was air conditioned, but I only got to sleep for two or three hours. Can't sleep,

Well, so far for a summer getaway.

Maya Layug

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Here is our Hailey, she stayed with us for two weeks then my officemate bought her and brought her to Quezon.
She's a crossbreed of Siberian Husky and Rottweiler. She's bi-eyed.
I just decided to sell her because I cannot possibly be on a weekend rest days and take care and clean all her mess at home. Although Najel also takes care of her, but it's not enough. I had to still do a lot of cleaning during my days off.
And one more thing is because the house we are renting right now is very small, no garden for her to run around and play.
Maybe after we transfer to our forever home in Liora, then we could finally have a puppy. And hopefully she's a chow chow!!!

Maya Layug

GSIS 78th Anniversary

Last May 29 we celebrated the GSIS 78th Anniversary
And because June 10, 2014 marked my 15th year in service, I was awarded this special Cross Pen by GSIS.
A buffet lunch then the program in the evening where the hosts were Nanette Inventor and Mitch Valdez. Two very inspiring women and really great artists/singers.
Our own Lhen Jebulan Gratela joined the OPM Singing Contest but unfortunately didn't bag the prize.
It was an event worth remembering!

Maya Layug

Friday, June 5, 2015

Bits and Pieces Elsewhere

Yang Chow, Imus, Cavite

Japanese Restaurant

Maya Layug

Bits and Pieces of JC Premiere

Me, Leanne and Najel will be attending this later... Excited.
Well, a bit disappointed yesterday because two of my cousins are supposed to come with me, but got rejected because the other is sick and the other have an important meeting.
Oh well, just like Jenri said... There is someone else who is more important that will attend...
And I got excited again because I can bring my two daughters!

Our first team day at JC Premiere Imus Training Center Office
That was last Tuesday, June 2, 2015.
More to come! And more people to meet...

I can see this dream come true!
If it is for me, then Papa God will let it happen.
Thank you Papa God!

Maya Layug

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Not so Great Day

May 25, 2015
I don't know but I don't feel the energy I need for today. I cancelled my Skype interview with 51Talk, told them that my son is sick (which is actually true). I just don't know why I am feeling low.
I'm at the office right now, doing office work. I know I have a lot of things to finish here at the office. Maybe I feel burned out, maybe I just need a break, or maybe I really need to resign?
I have a bit many things on my mind right now.
Leanne needs money for her application to UK,
So I have to make a bank loan,
A friend is selling her food cart business which I sooo want to have.
Well, I don't have the money yet to pay for it but I believe if it's meant to be mine, then I'll be able to produce the money.
I received a text from Masaito asking me to report tomorrow at the Makati office for the ATM and to submit the other requirements.
Well, a lot of things happening is much more better than NOTHING...
Thank you Papa God for all the blessings!
Please send me the Holy Spirit for guidance...

Maya Layug

JC Premiere First-time

Attended the PSO by Nelson Novion and sharing by Eric Forte Santos last January 31, 2015
Of course at JC TCO Imus..!

It was awesome,  and on Wednesday again Nelson one more time!

Maya Layug

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Parker Gift

I bought this as a gift to myself,
Actually as a reminder and thanksgiving for finally paying off my loan with the GSIS Coop,
I thought i would never be able to pay it off but, viola! Suddenly i did!
A lot to be thankful for really,
Almost out of debt, especially when i retire and pay off my equity loan
But for now what's keeping me financially able, although not financially abundant, but at least at this point i am able to make both ends meet and even have a little extra for the people i love!

I know i am on my way to financial freedom and next is abundance!
I can feel it in my bones!

Maya Layug

Monday, February 2, 2015

Life Goes On

The other day i was feeling so down,
Because of the news that i finally got,
Actually it was just a confirmation of what i already know in my heart,
But still when you hear it confirmed, it still hurts in the gut!

It was about promotion i applied for in Masbate,
It was really COS Gina Jota who do not want me promoted,
I talked with VP Pol, and well, what can he do but just lick my wound?

I believe it's not really meant to be mine,
I know something BIGGER is be MINE,,,

So when i got home, i told Najel to get dressed and we'll go to the mall!
So i had my haircut and we did some shopping,
Of course it eased my brokenheart!
And lifted my spirit again for the next fight!

There's always a bucket full of SUNSHINE for ALL OF US!
So why waste my time and effort being sad and bitter?
Life Goes On!

Maya Layug

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Discovery Weekend

This is one of the best things that happened to me,
Made me realise a lot of things about myself,

Really it is a Weekend of Discoveries!

Maya Layug

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Today our new chowie arrived, his name is Ranger
Hays, he gave me quite a jolt because he is in heat right now and he smelled us (me and Najel) nearing our menstrual period
Super aggressive sya! Nakalmot pa kami ni Najel,,, mas maraming kalmot si Najel sa legs
Hays, hope he'll be tamed in time and with love and care

Now this is Ranger
ANg hirap ah!
During the first night halos wala akong tulog,,,
He was so sad and wouldn't even eat!

But yesterday after me and Najel came home from Katar,
May pasalubong kaming KFC Hotshots!
Ayun, kumain din!

This morning i cooked him rice and opened a can of Argentina corned beef, ayaw kumain from his bowl
Ayun sinubuan ko pa from my palms!
Hahaha, grabeng spoiled na doggie!

He's really mabait na,
But we cannot keep him,,,
Aalis na si Ate Anne, no one will take care of him pag wala kami ni Najel

Malou is looking for his new home again...

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Secret No More

I got this photo from the FB cover of my Coach Bam yesterday.
I just felt so connected because it encompasses everything that i feel and want to do in my life.

Life has been purposeful for me since i attended the Discovery and Breakthrough Seminars,
I am trying to incorporate my learnings into my life, until it becomes a part of me,

I learned that, after all my readings and seminars what was lacking was the Execution.
Putting my learnings into Practice,,,

Now, one day at a time i am slowly getting there
First, knowing what i really want
Then making it a daily habit
For things that i want and cannot have immediately, i make preparations,,,
Prepare with the things i have to do to get it (my goals and dreams)

I know this is a process that is not easy,
It needs patience and more of discipline,
But if i can do it one small piece at a time,
I know i can also make it BIG Time!!!

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Speak and Grow Rich with Chink+

On my way home from the seminar workshop by Mr. Chinkee Tan at SM Aura
My friend and I had breakfast at Baclaran and took a cab from there to SM Aura
It's my First time at this SM

Well, para syang Rockwell
Mostly signature stores,
So the prices are not really affordable for people like me
And really not practical

The seminar went well,
I had two books signed!
That was before the seminar started

Delayed posting...

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Saturday, November 22, 2014


It's been a week since Chowie died
We still miss him so much

Lessons learned from having her:
- that i am not yet ready for the responsibility of having a doggie to love because of my financial situation
- that i have to be prepared financially if i want to have another doggie

And i definitely want one!
I need a pet at home,  and i want another dog... Not just another pet
But i know it is not yet the right time...

Just like how much i want to buy a television,
The one i bought together with the washing machine is not working anymore
It's been a month!!!
I need a television!

But still, i cannot yet buy a tv
I am waiting for the decision of the interview i had last week for the post in Masbate
If ever, me and Najel will be relocating to Masbate,
An island in Bicol
And i am praying so much to get this position
I can't assume, even though Joel Defeo (manager of Legaspi ) and Chubby Fajardo (manager of Sorsogon) says that it's a sure deal already.
I have to wait for the signed papers,
Or at least after the PSPB,,,
Whew!  Waiting....

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Real Estate Service in the Philippines

My table,
Planning for a wonderful week ahead...

Last Friday I attended a CPD Seminar for Real Estate Service
I may say that I really learned a LOT!
Although the pace and style of the speaker is not my type, i still enjoyed it
Always the knowledge hungry individual!

I even talked to Broker Rem Ramirez afterhis talk
I told him i want to attend his review on January and hopefully pass both the Brokers and Appraisers Exam!

I got very interested when he told us we could teach the college course of Real Estate Management as long as we pass the two exams.

I could be a lecturer on this,
Something I am very familiar with.
Something I have been working for....

Looking forward to a life of lecture, coaching and managing businesses!!!
Grateful I am!

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