Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Words That Hurt

The quality of your words will determine the quality of your life—including the life of the people around you.

Do your words bless or curse?
Do your words heal or cause disease?
Do your words give life or give death?
Do your words nourish or poison?
Do your words lift up or lower down?
Do your words encourage or discourage?
Be careful with your words…

This is an excerpt from a post of Bo Sanchez, one of my favorite Catholic Preacher.
So true that sometimes we forget that the words that we say may kill other people, especially those most dear to us.
I know of one person who do this to me,,,, most of the time.
Well, we have choices... or rather I have choices.
But the choices we make should be based not only on our self-preservation but especially our children.
Maybe one day....
Maybe never...

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