Saturday, January 7, 2012


The year 2011 just passed by,,,,
I can say that it was a great improvement than the years it followed.
Except for May and June... but the rest of the months were definitely okay.

I say that 2012 for me is harvest time!
Harvest time for the plants that I sowed the years before.
And for what I will continue to plant this year.

The other night I had this realization,,,,
What gives me a sense of fulfillment?
It's in helping others that I feel fulfilled!!!
No matter how tired I feel afterwards,,,
No matter if they will forget me after,,,

Ever felt that?
Feeling so light-hearted, happy and content...
knowing that someone's life became happier because of you.
Well, it's just my own feelings. And I feel it often,,, which gives me strength.

I am going to miss my INRU 1 Family....
This is our last Christmas party together....

Let's Start The Year RIGHT!!!

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