Saturday, December 17, 2011

Struggles = Strength

Strength does not come from Winning,
Your Struggles develop your Strengths.
When you go through hardships and decide Not to Surrender,
that is STRENGTH!!!

I learned early on in life that this is true.
I lost my Papa when I was nine years old,,, 
My Mama did her best to provide for us and make us a happy family.
And by God, she did a good job!!!

But our time together was short lived,
She died when I was Sixteen, barely a few days before my Seventeenth birthday....
That was the saddest birthday of my life,,,

From that time my journey began...
Struggles, sacrifices, depression, anxiety, uncertainty....
Not knowing what the future holds for me.

Deciding to have children as my inspiration was a good choice.
They became my strength and guide...
Never losing hope,,,
Always telling myself "This too Shall Pass".

And now, almost Twenty-Three years after my Mama died...
I could proudly tell her, "'Ma, you definitely did a good job in raising me!"
Our Struggles makes us Stronger every time,

Just like it did my Mama,
Just like it did Me....

Merry Christmas to ALL!!!

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