Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Friends With Benefits

I did not go to the office today.
I was feeling bad,,, maybe because of my cough with a bit of asthma.
Had a drink last night, and didn't wake up on time.
So I decided to stay home.
After lunch I started watching DVD movies that hubby brought home last night.

Movie marathon!
First movie was Friends With Benefits Starring Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis.
I was surprised at how good Justin is in acting,,,
and The Body!!!!
Oh my! Such nice abs and muscles!!!
Well, what can I say about the movie?
It was well written, the dialogues were great.. so spontaneous that it's never boring.
The flow of the story was also good,
Also injecting about the mother-daughter relationship was a good point.
I laughed, I cried... it also made me think...
I give this a FIVE STAR rating!

Next movie was The Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz.
It was a sort of a sexy movie with a tinge of comedy and moral lesson.
It was okay, I enjoyed the comedy part.
But the story itself, not so good for me.
I would rate this a THREE STARS!

The last movie before me getting back to internet was Everything Must Go with Will Ferrell.
A very serious movie, with the boy C.J. WALLACE the movie a bit lighter .
The movie makes you think, "what's he gonna do next?"

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