Saturday, September 17, 2011

Couch Potato to 25 Kilometer Runner

I am beginning to love running.
Yesterday was my week 2 day 1 run (W2D1), and first time to do it outside.
The first weed I did it on the treadmill at the office gym.

I am using the C25K and using the podcast of DJ Steve Boy as my guide.
It is very useful as I don't have to use a timer  to monitor my run and walk intervals.
And also the music are very motivating.

To anyone who wants to start running, I highly recommend this program!
It starts a bit easy, then slowly moving up the tempo so you won't feel overly tired.
Like for me, I am hypertensive and have a bit of a problem with my heart.
So I cannot overdo it especially because I am only starting running.

What more, i am enjoying life right now because hubby and I are both into physical fitness!
Now, we have another thing to enjoy together....

One Friday at the Office

Hubby's new BODY!!!!
Loving Life!!!!

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