Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Felt The Hands of God Touch Me

Yesterday something really awakening happened to me.

In the morning when I was preparing to go to the hospital for my follow-up check-up, I started giving Joana the budget for the house. (children's allowances, market, etc.)
I began feeling down again, because my funds are running out and the fear of not knowing where to get the day's budget is giving me tremendous fear.
When I was walking along Susana Heights to ride the jeepney, a realization hit me (first).
I remembered that God is my Provider. He never lets me down. Even when times were hard, something good always comes out of it.
So I said sorry to the Lord for doubting Him. I was so sorry because I lost faith for a while again.

When I was at the hospital to pay the bill for the laboratory test to be done to me, at the cashier came three women pleading with the cashier man.
One of the woman's baby died and they cannot claim the body because of unpaid bills.
You know how much was the bill? A measly Php78.00 (pesos) ! ! !
My heart crushed....(second realization)
I asked the cashier if there was a way to settle this, then he said he would take it out from his salary. I said no, i'll pay the bill. (a cashier's salary at a government hospital is very minimal)
The child's mother and her companions were so happy thanking me.

I felt God telling me, "See, my child? You are more blessed than most people. Because you are able to share what you have, even if you are still wanting."

I know a bigger blessing is on its way to me... I can feel it.
And I am thanking the Lord right now for sending me this blessing.
And I will remain an extended hand of God in every way.

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