Sunday, November 9, 2014

Real Estate Service in the Philippines

My table,
Planning for a wonderful week ahead...

Last Friday I attended a CPD Seminar for Real Estate Service
I may say that I really learned a LOT!
Although the pace and style of the speaker is not my type, i still enjoyed it
Always the knowledge hungry individual!

I even talked to Broker Rem Ramirez afterhis talk
I told him i want to attend his review on January and hopefully pass both the Brokers and Appraisers Exam!

I got very interested when he told us we could teach the college course of Real Estate Management as long as we pass the two exams.

I could be a lecturer on this,
Something I am very familiar with.
Something I have been working for....

Looking forward to a life of lecture, coaching and managing businesses!!!
Grateful I am!

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