Saturday, November 22, 2014


It's been a week since Chowie died
We still miss him so much

Lessons learned from having her:
- that i am not yet ready for the responsibility of having a doggie to love because of my financial situation
- that i have to be prepared financially if i want to have another doggie

And i definitely want one!
I need a pet at home,  and i want another dog... Not just another pet
But i know it is not yet the right time...

Just like how much i want to buy a television,
The one i bought together with the washing machine is not working anymore
It's been a month!!!
I need a television!

But still, i cannot yet buy a tv
I am waiting for the decision of the interview i had last week for the post in Masbate
If ever, me and Najel will be relocating to Masbate,
An island in Bicol
And i am praying so much to get this position
I can't assume, even though Joel Defeo (manager of Legaspi ) and Chubby Fajardo (manager of Sorsogon) says that it's a sure deal already.
I have to wait for the signed papers,
Or at least after the PSPB,,,
Whew!  Waiting....

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