Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A New Life

June 30 me and my youngest daughter started on our new life.
We left home to have a new home for us.
It is hard to start a new life, andaming gastos!!!
But then it is very liberating too...
Finally, i am my own person.
Not anyone's, always afraid to make my own moves and decisions because someone is always there to say NO to everything i want to do.
I know this requires me to be really responsible, because now, it is only ME!
Decisions should be thought of real seriously,,, no harsh decisions now.
Like last night when i wanted to move to another place in the morning... But then i thought... Will i forever be running away???
I have to face him, i have to be firm with my decision.
Good enough because he was able to talk with B this morning, and last night our elder kids talked to him.
He said he won't make a mess/gulo here at our new home or at the office.
That he will just wait for me to be ready to talk to him.
All is well in God's plan. I know He wants this to happen because i can feel His hands leading me... He is guiding me.
I know this is a long journey, it will not end here...
My wish is for the time to come when we can be friends and happy with our own lives. And for our children to say, "tama nga lang na nag-hiwalay sila, mas masaya na ngayon".
The Lord has His ways, this was long coming already and now that i have finally made the first step... There is no turning back.

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