Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gold Club 50

I joined this new site (not so new actually) very promising though.
For the past years I have found and tried and been disappointed by different schemes presented by the MLM people.
Well, I still decided to try this one because it's a very small investment.
Once you get back your Fifty Pesos (Php50.00) investment,,, there's nothing more to lose and so much to gain!

Here is a brief overview of GC50:

About us
GoldClub50 is an Online Home Business Earning Opportunity Considered to be a Multi-Level Marketing.
Owned and managed by GC50 Marketing Company,
GoldClub50 was started on April 23, 2012 - Our goal is to help our members become successful entrepreneurs through educating them about the power of Internet Marketing, building a long lasting business venture, and providing guidance so they can take control of their financial future.
Right now, many people are earning on the internet even at home.
Our Mission is to Let Everyone Know that the Best solution for Fixing the Issue of Poverty now is through Online Multi-Level-Marketing or what they so called "Networking" Others might Call us Pyramiding or whatsoever.  And to provide breakthrough educational products in the field of online entreprenuership.
Our vision is to become one of the most successful Online Network Marketing Business by producing Great Leaders and Online Mentors.

The Only Reason why a Company goes down is simply because of a Small MisCalculations.
Now, We Will Straighten all that false issues about Online Network Marketing

Here is a simple Calculation why we have this Cheapest Earning System

First of all you need to share an amount of P50.00
and will require you to get a maximum referrals of 4 persons who also shares their 50 pesos as well.

In every Person who shares there will be 9 person.. who'll receive a total of 4 pesos each

1st level Leader = P4.00
2nd level Leader = P4.00
3rd level Leader = P4.00
4th level Leader = P4.00
5th level Leader = P4.00
6th level Leader = P4.00
7th level Leader = P4.00
8th level Leader = P4.00
9th level Leader = P4.00
10th level = The one who Shares 50 pesos

In Every 50 pesos a sum of 36 pesos goes to the senior members who also upgraded their accounts.
And a sum of 14 pesos will go for the Maintainance of our System.
We also Pay Specialists for Enhancing our Earning System and for Providing Security against Online Hackers, Malware attacks, and ETC. 

Gold Club 50 

About GC50 click HERE

To Learn More about how to EARN click HERE

To read Frequently Asked Questions click HERE

To read Testimonials from those already Earning click HERE

Come JOIN Me and Start Earning!!! click HERE


texas_sweetie said...

hi, you sent a comment about u want to be a part of my blogroll. yes of course, let's exchange links. please add me to your links first and tell me when you're done so i can add you up to mine . thank you!

Maribeth Bie said...

Will do, thanks!

rashido said...

join here madali lang at mura pa. walang gaanong hirap makakabawi ka kaagad at sobra sobra pa. hindi kawalan ang pag invest ng 50 pesos sa kahit na anong negosyo or networking. ang mahalaga d2 ay may pagkakataon ka na hindi mo pa kinuha. lifetime membership to kaya walang mawawala sa iyo kung d ka masyadong active. join here