Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going Better This Time

It's been awhile. . .
Home business is doing really good, considering that its only been two weeks since i started.
I want to formally start a semi catering business.
Just like the VICTORIAS Grill on facebook, where they dwliver cooked food to parties etc.
I have to promote it more, at the office and elsewhere.
Im also trying to master baking loaf breads/cakes. I tried banana bread last saturday, but it wasnt very successful. Hehehe
Obet is now enjoying his work at Riyadh, wala ng masyadong reklamo. Paminsan-minsan na lang.
He wants me to apply for Canada again. . .
Kuya Buboy will be here next month to visit, he wants us to try Canada again too.
Well, okay. . . At first i was adamant about the idea of applying for immigration to Canada again.
But after what happened the other day at home with Nikko, Jiwell and my other kids. . . I guess its time to move on again.
Try and try, maybe this time it will be for us na.
Thank you Papa God for everything!

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