Saturday, September 10, 2011


Last September 8 was Mama Mary's nativity.
I attended the lunch break mass at the office, and I was so surprised by the priest, Fr. Syquia.

I was surprised by the way he officiated the mass, he came in from the back blessing the people with holy water along his way to the altar.
Then when he started to talk, he talks real fast but with clarity....
During the homily, that's the time he told us about his being an Exorcist Priest.
I was is awe! It was my first time to meet an exorcist priest and a Filipino at that!

He said the devil cannot enter holy ground and is afraid of the holy water.
That's why he said, when he entered, he blessed us with holy water so that if anyone of us is possessed, he would know! Hahaha!!!

I told myself, totoo pala ang Exorcism, even here sa Philippines.

When the mass ended, I had the opportunity to make "mano" (bless) on his right hand.
I was so happy and felt so blessed that day....

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