Monday, August 8, 2011

Post Summer Outing or Despedida?

Last August 5 to 6 we had our "Teambuilding" for the department.
It was kinda out of tune actually, because a re-organization is on its way.
Most probably will take effect this September or at most the last quarter of this year.

But then I had no regrets because we all had fun.
Discovered a lot of things about some of my friends,,, and not so friends....
We didn't sleep the whole night!
Good thing I did not get drunk because I was only drinking Tanduay Ice instead of the Fundador or the Tequila the others were drinking.

So for me it was a DESPEDIDA actually.
Because I will be transferring to Sorsogon branch come the final layout of the re-organization.
I have already been slotted a position there.
And hopefully I won't get "wiped out" (as in correction fluid or erased!) 
This usually happens before during our past re-organizations.

Maybe we will have a REAL despedida before I relocate...

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