Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fave Food (Just for Now!)

I am going gaga over the Frozen Yogurt at Frutti FroYo !!!
It started last year when I asked Mam Bilet to taste the Yogurt over at the Madrigal, Alabang...
It's a self-service dessert outlet,,, and I soooo love their yogurt and blueberry toppings!

Another one I'm loving right now is the Chicken Inasal of Mang Inasal....
Yummy chicken and their fried rice,,, with vinegar and soy sauce (of course with Siling Labuyo!)
And the price is very affordable. Just Php99.00 per order of chicken quarter legs with unlimited rice (which is not important to me because one rice is enough),,,

Just disregard the "Like on Facebook" because this was published last year. So the promo is not running anymore.
I just wanted to show you guys this picture because this is what I LOVE!!!


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