Friday, July 22, 2011

A Very Tiring Friday

Last Friday, July 22 was an exhausting day at the office.
Although at first I wanted it to be an easy one and to give some time to my sideline business.
But well, it didn't go the way I planned it.

But then, I can't say that it didn't turn out well.
It did, actually.
I had a big accomplishment that I can be proud of.
Although I had to deal with different difficult people.
But nonetheless, it was a successful day!

Then when I came home I had to do my PTC work before I sleep,,,
I was able to finally go to bed at 1am!!!!

Now my PTC site problem with Doubler Bux is really BIG!
I sent a request to Pinoydeal, the admin to help me.
I sure hope she helps me ASAP!

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