Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunday Rest

It's a Sunday and my Day Off!!
Good thing hubby is at work so it's really a Day Off....

Watched a movie on our reliable DVD player The Red Riding Hood ,
I bought the DVD weeks before but just got the time and desire to watch it.
It didn't fail my expectation though, it was a well made movie.
Although not inspiring, since as what Wikipedia said that it is an "American Horror Movie".
For a weekend like this, a Mom like me wanting to relax... It was worth it.

Of course after the movie, I am back to clicking on PTC sites and surfing Facebook.
So happy that my Doublerbux is now working!!!!
And I already have US$6.53 in my account! Just after two days from joining!
I am really enjoying this!

Aside from Doublerbux I also am earning in JSS Tripler,
It is a money generating machine that gives you a 2% income from your investment.
Initial investment is only $10.00.
This is the cost of each position that you will have that will give you the 2% income daily.
Personally, I invested in 10 positions. That is $100.00.
After just a few days I now have 11 positions, I opted to invest the $10 earning for another position so that my earnings would increase.

I know that these kinds of money making sites won't last that long,
So I made a simple study (in excel format) on how to maximize my investment here.
My upline Javi is very helpful and supportive on this,
I am glad that she is also a Filipina as we could understand each other better.
She also introduced me to some other PTC paying sites.
Funny and Lucky me that I learned about JSS Tripler only from a PTC site,
And a coincidence that my upline is a Filipina too!

Have to attend a meeting with the Homeowner's Association,
A lot of changes is on it's way since the newly elected officials will be taking over.
Or have taken over? Well, I will find out later....

If you want to share my life in my journey of earning online,,,
Please visit my other blog on Let Us Talk About Money !!!


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