Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Visit from Family Relatives

These fotos were taken last Saturday, March 26 when my Tita Perla came from Bicol with her grandson Vernon....

The children: Troy, Vernon, Yanyan and Najel.

My Tita Perla and cousin Ate Malou....

This was the first time my Tita Perla came to our house. She's one of my mom's best friend, aside from being her sister. I remember when I was younger we used to always go to her house in Cubao and always bring KFC Fried Chicken Bucket as pasalubong.
At times when Mama and Papa have big fights, she would usually go to Tita Perla's house to hide,,,, but of course my Papa knows that is where she would go so he would go there and fetch us.... hehehe... reconciliation!

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