Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Sometimes trials crush me to the ground,,,
As in really crush me HARD!

Well,,, I always come out as winner in the end.
And I am hoping this time will be more than just a winner.

If things will not work out good, I might not be able to send my two college boys to school this coming semester. So sad because I really don't have any other options.

I am waiting for a deal to close, but it seems so hard to close.

I will just go with the flow....
Waiting for God's hand to work, as I think I have done my part.
(Well, a little more back-up from me as needed)

I just pray for the Anointing of Ease, as what Bro. Arun was telling us at The Feast last Sunday.

Hoping and praying that all things will fall into place.
And that I will not have to tell my two boys that I will not be able to send them to school anymore.....

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