Thursday, October 14, 2010

Internet Day!

I have been sitting in front of the computer for hours now.
Updating my Facebook account, posting my products for sale from Vera7.
Dropping entrecards,,, when I ran into momgen's site and saw my old blog there. She was the one who did the makeover of my old blog. Then when I clicked on my blog, Viola! it was still there!
I know that I deleted the old blog, but then here it is "My Life", "World of Tips", "Ebooks" and "Pinoy Money Talks" are still all visible!

Well, well, well.... So much for deleting my old blogs!
But then, it's okay... I'm happy at the thought that it is still in the net.

I want to try online businesses again. I am even interested in being a Virtual Assitant, I want to attend Jomar Hilario's training.

This is all because I NEED TO EARN MONEY!

I still have two college boys and it's really becoming hard to send kids to college nowadays.
But, we are doing our best to provide for their school needs.
Hopefully I will be able to earn enough for them to finish their college courses.


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