Sunday, July 12, 2015


New Netbook for my personal use!
Thank You Papa God, I know you want this for me.
Kasi kung hindi, hindi ko dapat ito nakuha.
Have been looking around for a second hand one, but at the last minute You gave me this...
Thank You so much!

We brought these to Baby Sky earlier at Katarungan Village.
Me and bunso had lunch there with Kuya Janjan's home cooking. Afritadang chicken with pork and fried Tilapia. Napakain na naman tuloy ng kanin!
Waited for Nikko until he's home.
Fixed some of my other clothes, for pick-up when my service is free.

Going Home, we dropped by Robinson's Imus for Najel's cellphone battery but instead bought this new netbook!

Maya Layug