Friday, June 12, 2015

Matabungkay Beach

Overnight with some not so close friends, of course with my bf
Overall, I love the place
I would like to go back there with my friends and really enjoy.
He asked me if I enjoyed, I said "next question please..." 😡
But well, considering that I did not really enjoy much. It's still something to remember.
Lessons learned,
Like, I'll still do what I want to do.
When it becomes uncomfortable, then I'll have to go.
Especially when I feel grrrrr 😬

Kidding aside, I learned something.
When even just during our trip going to the place, I already felt uncomfortable.
The same discomfort I felt when I was with them already.
Although I tried my best to blend in, which was okay during some part of our stay.
I can still say that it was an uncomfortable trip, and I definitely did not enjoy it.

It was so hot when we got there, no air blowing while we were at sea during the night...
Drank some beer, laughed a lot when one of them got drunk and started a question and answer game. Never getting satisfied with the answers that he got. Eventually he got so drunk and vomited while sleeping...

Good thing our room was air conditioned, but I only got to sleep for two or three hours. Can't sleep,

Well, so far for a summer getaway.

Maya Layug

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