Monday, February 2, 2015

Life Goes On

The other day i was feeling so down,
Because of the news that i finally got,
Actually it was just a confirmation of what i already know in my heart,
But still when you hear it confirmed, it still hurts in the gut!

It was about promotion i applied for in Masbate,
It was really COS Gina Jota who do not want me promoted,
I talked with VP Pol, and well, what can he do but just lick my wound?

I believe it's not really meant to be mine,
I know something BIGGER is be MINE,,,

So when i got home, i told Najel to get dressed and we'll go to the mall!
So i had my haircut and we did some shopping,
Of course it eased my brokenheart!
And lifted my spirit again for the next fight!

There's always a bucket full of SUNSHINE for ALL OF US!
So why waste my time and effort being sad and bitter?
Life Goes On!

Maya Layug

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