Saturday, December 13, 2014


Today our new chowie arrived, his name is Ranger
Hays, he gave me quite a jolt because he is in heat right now and he smelled us (me and Najel) nearing our menstrual period
Super aggressive sya! Nakalmot pa kami ni Najel,,, mas maraming kalmot si Najel sa legs
Hays, hope he'll be tamed in time and with love and care

Now this is Ranger
ANg hirap ah!
During the first night halos wala akong tulog,,,
He was so sad and wouldn't even eat!

But yesterday after me and Najel came home from Katar,
May pasalubong kaming KFC Hotshots!
Ayun, kumain din!

This morning i cooked him rice and opened a can of Argentina corned beef, ayaw kumain from his bowl
Ayun sinubuan ko pa from my palms!
Hahaha, grabeng spoiled na doggie!

He's really mabait na,
But we cannot keep him,,,
Aalis na si Ate Anne, no one will take care of him pag wala kami ni Najel

Malou is looking for his new home again...

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