Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Secret No More

I got this photo from the FB cover of my Coach Bam yesterday.
I just felt so connected because it encompasses everything that i feel and want to do in my life.

Life has been purposeful for me since i attended the Discovery and Breakthrough Seminars,
I am trying to incorporate my learnings into my life, until it becomes a part of me,

I learned that, after all my readings and seminars what was lacking was the Execution.
Putting my learnings into Practice,,,

Now, one day at a time i am slowly getting there
First, knowing what i really want
Then making it a daily habit
For things that i want and cannot have immediately, i make preparations,,,
Prepare with the things i have to do to get it (my goals and dreams)

I know this is a process that is not easy,
It needs patience and more of discipline,
But if i can do it one small piece at a time,
I know i can also make it BIG Time!!!

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