Thursday, November 6, 2014

SG19 Interview

Yesterday was my interview for the promotion i am applying for at the office,
I was at the venue before 2pm
Three interviewers,
  HR Vice President
  Chief of Staff OPGM
The shock of my life was, i was the first one called to be interviewed!
I was really not comfortable at first,
Maybe because i had an earlier encounter with COS that i didn't like
That was last year during my interview also for the Catanduanes post,
She was merciless and really seem not convinced with my answers
So yesterday i had a f8eeling that she would be the same
At the beginning i really couldn't express myself, i didn't know how to express myself
I was stammering and my answers were far from the questions! Hahaha!
Well, later on i already got the feel of it,
I started answering in Tagalog and i was able to express myself the way i want to

Well, to sum it up... I am not that sure that with all the wrong answers i said i would get the promotion
But of course i am still praying that i get it!

Thankful I AM!

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