Thursday, October 10, 2013

Health Check

LATE POSTING 10-8-2013
Been here at the Manila Doctors Hospital since Friday, Oct. 4.
Colposcopy and cervical biopsy at 10am but was actually done before 1pm, same day at least. Hehehe,,,
Then on Saturday the Vaginal and Anal Repair was performed by three doctors..
Dra. Elsie Dancel, Dr. Alberto Roxas (anal), and Dr. Manuel Ocampo (vaginal).
Dra. Dancel is my OB-Onco who I met just last January, so my procedure was delayed for several months.
Dr. Roxas is a Colorectal Surgeon, said that i have anal incontinence... What????
Anyways, Dr. Ocampo was imported by Dra. Dancel because she said he is an expert in vaginal repair with specialization from the US of A and Singapore.
Now, the problem is I didn't anticipate the additional Professional Fees it would cost me :-(
Because from the start i knew that it will be covered by my HMO...
Well, even with the huge amount of PF i can say i am glad that this is over and done with...
Now i have a healing beautiful flower!!! Hahaha,,,
Kidding aside,, with all the diacomfort and illness that the unrepaired vagina and anus brings... i am really happy now!
Just have to wait for the result of the biopsy,
I am recovering quite fast too!
No more catheter on the 2nd day,
No more dextrose on the night of my 2nd day.
I can now walk and take a bath alone...

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