Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weight Loss and Health

I am having my health checked before i undergo a minor operation for my cervix.

Finally our health care provider is covering the whole procedure.

Originally last January my OB Onco wants to do the following procedures:

     - colposcopy with biopsy

     - partial curetage

     - perennial repair

The third procedure was not covered and i had to shell out 20k for this. Unfortunately i was not able to produce the money.

Then when our hmo was renewed last April, maternity benefits were included.


So i started with my check-ups and laboratories last June.

Well, i had some problems...


I needed a colorectal surgeon for the rectal repair, and when i got hold of one he requested for an endorectal ultrasound which was a rare procedure in almost all hospitals. Then finally after a few weeks Ai of Philcare found me one at The Medical City in Ortigas. I am scheduled to go there on Saturday.

Also, my sugar, uric acid and cholesterol all are at an all time high!

So my cardiologist gave me meds for all this.

Hays, i do hope that this will be over soon.... but i know it will be.

Sabi nga, pag may tiyaga may nilaga...

Thank you Lord for all the blessings!

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