Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas 2012

The Christmas was really fun!

Especially because we had Leanne with us, unlike New Years when she had work at the hospital.

24th Atsara came to the house, it was also to celebrate her job at the public school.

All her hardwork already paid off....

She is an example of someone who dreamed and reached it thru perseverance and hardwork.

Well, I guess with my children I can say I am a proud Mom...

I have raised them well, although the job is not yet over.

Jan and Nikko are still in College, and Najel will be graduating grade school.

Still a few years to go.

But I can say they will do good if ever i'll be gone.

A lot of blessings and a lot to be thankful for....

A thankful Christmas indeed!

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