Saturday, June 2, 2012

Al Jouf, Riyadh

This picture was taken two days before hubby left for Riyadh, KSA
He has a one year work contract with the Saudi Railway Authority (SAR)
He left last April 27

The first week was terrible,,,
His position as Mechanical Technician turned out to be a heavy job for him
He's not used to manual physical labor.
Training with American Train Drivers

Good thing after several weeks and three attempts 
He was accepted as a Train Driver (trainee)
He'll be trained for about three months
After the evaluation (which I know he'll pass),
He'll officially be an Assistant Train Driver
or a Train Driver
Including an increase in salary

The Room (middle)

Their crew room is actually a "Camp"
and it's a bit far from the main office and canteen
So a shuttle picks them up for their meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Hopefully he'll make it through the one year contract....

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