Friday, June 8, 2012

Office Photos

Me & Maricar

This picture earned several LIKES on my FB profile,,
I don't know why really....
Even hubby said I look good in this one.... :)

My Office Desktop

My Computer and my cellphone,,,
also with a lot of other things on my desk :)
You see the car mouse I have? pretty eh?

My friends' Netbook

I usually borrow this netbook from my friend Bernard so I could go online and chat with hubby

WATER for the day

Our pantry is a bit far from my table,
So we load it up to avoid the long trip....
See my Fashion Slimming Coffee on top?
Still use it to maintain my weight,,, great help!

Another view of my workstation

Tokens from family and friends

The plant with the butterfly is a gift from my daughter Leanne,
The Boracay sand is from Tere, who is now also a part of our Department
The Elephant marble is a gift from a client
The fish magnets are from Sheryll

with out former and current bosses

This was taken during the birthday of our former Manager who is now a VP,,,
Sir Lucio... with our present Manager Caro

Rommel taking my picture

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Joyce Lansky said...

You're either happy on the job or you know how to fake a pretty smile. :)