Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lesson Learned

Lesson learned:

Always have a backup plan, 

just don't be someone else's ... ♥ ♥ ♥

In our life, we often meet people who touches us in different ways.
Just recently I met people who I thought were true people telling true stories.
Maybe it's because by nature, I trust too easily.... or maybe they are really good in deceiving people with lies.

One night I dreamed of a white and yellow phyton, 
I was in a house with friends (kinda), one of the man has a pet phyton who was so friendly and it was crawling from my back, shoulders...
until it took my whole right hand in its' mouth payfully at first.... 
when suddenly I felt it biting me!
The owner of the snake took it from my hand,,,,
But the snake went following or running after me and a friend of mine around the house.
The owner went out to get a gun and when he came back with the gun that's the time when I woke up.

Usually when I dream of snakes, someone I know is deceiving me.
After two weeks I learned who it was.

I thank God for giving me people who are honest and true....
But I also thank Him for people who are deceiving, 
because they make me appreciate the people who are true to me;
and because they make me a stronger person....
giving me lessons in life....

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