Saturday, November 5, 2011

One of My Dreams - O.B. Montessori Center, Inc.

Getting together again with my grade school classmates was a blast!
And what made it more exciting was when I learned from Ms. Sara Soliven-De Guzman herself about the Pagsasarili Outreach Program they have. This is in tie-up with the Local Government Units of different localities and sometimes with the Department of Education or the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

I would like to share this opportunity to my province in Bicol, particularly at Sta. Magdalena, Sorsogon.

Here is the mission of the school:
" “Pagsasarili” is a Filipino word which means the capacity to be self-sufficient or independent.“Help me to help myself” is the international plea of all children to adults asking them to prepare an environment where they would learn independence via work.
    The O.B. Montessori Pagsasarili Preschool is Montessori education made affordable regardless of gender, socio-economic status, race or faith. These schools produce the new Filipino children, lover of order, work, self-confident, independent and responsible citizens of the country and the “New Teacher” who is trained to help people help themselves."

They also have the "O.B. Montessori Pagsasarili Mothercraft Training & Literacy Course for Village Mothers" where their mission is:
"The O.B. Montessori Pagsasarili Mothercraft Training & Literacy Course offers either a daily two-week course or an eight Saturday course for two months to village mothers with the practical exercises on Personal Grooming & Hygiene, Good Housekeeping, Child Care, Cooking & Nutrition and a literacy course on Language, Math and Cultural Arts using the Montessori materials.
    After the mother has received her Mothercraft training certificate, she is eligible to establish a small business ranging from ambulant beautician, piggery, “carinderia” ( food stall) to garment business usually depending on community needs. This may be funded either by foundations, embassy grants and/or the United Nations funding programs. 
    The program aims to elevate the status of village mothers to that of respectable persons with their potentials developed to the fullest to become economically productive."

I am currently coordinating with our Mayor who happens to be a relative of my Mama and also very close to me and my hubby.
And if ever the Local Government will not be able to support us all the way, I am also thinking of other ways for the sustainability of this project.

Hoping for the best!

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