Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nikko's 18th Birthday

His first passport photo taken 1997

Circa 1998

During our Wedding in 1995

On September 30 is my son Nikko's 18th birthday.
How time flies! And the weather has been like this for the past few years... it is always Stormy!!!
What with storm Pedring just left our country today after destroying a lot of properties, plants and people....
And tomorrow, the 29th another storm is on its way....
Well, just like the storm... my son's attitude is somewhat similar to a storm.
He's a dreamer and wants his dream NOW!
Well, we are trying to show him how life is.
Taking it one step at a time.
Maybe now that he is a father he will learn to look at things in a different way.
He's now on his second year in college, taking up B.S in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the De La Salle University - DasmariƱas.
Hopefully he finishes his college in time, without any problems... like another baby? I sure hope no more babies soon.
What I like about this kid is that he knows what he wants and he is determined to get it.
Sometimes he becomes so restless if he does not get what he wants.
He has matured a bit now....
Let's see what he becomes in the future.

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