Sunday, September 4, 2011

New PC Monitor Shopping

Yesterday we went to Gilmore to buy a new Computer Monitor, with my hubby and my youngest Najel...
First drop was at Trinoma, Najel and I went window shopping at some stores and finally National Bookstore.
There were a lot of Hardbound books on Sale!!!
Oh, now I know where i'll go next time I want to go shopping for books....

Then after hubby's work we went to Gilmore in Manila via MRT and LRT....
Great ride! This was Najel's first time,,, from MRT we passed by Farmers' Plaza and Gateway at Cubao Station.
Gilmore really is the place to shop for computers and computer accessories...
After some canvassing on prices, hubby decided to buy this AOC 19" LCD Monitor!
Wow! Such a BIG change from the old 15" tube monitor into an LCD!

Before going to Trinoma

At Gateway

At Trinoma while waiting for hubby

Trinoma Foodcourt

Trinoma Foodcourt


LRT Line 2

After paying for the monitor


Stolen shot "kuno"

Najel's turn

Sarah looking at Najel

Happy Face!
Well, the kids are enjoying it, and me too...

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