Friday, July 29, 2011

Earning This Saturday Thru Online JOB

I was supposed to go to the officce today for overtime work.
My Team Leader was supposed to pick me up here at home at 8am....
At 9am I texted her and asked if she's still gonna pick me up,,,
Her text goes "masama pakiramdam ko, and may bibilhin pa ako sa Wilcon Builder's"...
Soooo,,,,, hmph!!!!@!!!!

Well, I had to make my time useful so I decided to Click some ads on my Doublerbux account,,,
And hey, I earned $0.8394 today! That is not yet including the clicks of my rented referrals.

I already earned $13.3604 since I joined in July 22, 2011 ONLY!!!!
I will be able to request for payout when I reach 150% of my investment which is $19.00
So in a few more days I will be able to request for a PAYOUT!!!! Yipee!!!

What are you waiting for guys?
Those of you who wants to earn online in the convenience of your home,,,,
Start clicking NOW!!!
All the Banners above are paying and legit sites.
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