Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Have a chance to WIN a total of $500 CASH from Living Life to the Fullest and LEVYousa


"Have a chance to WIN a total of $500 CASH from Living Life to the Fullest and LEVYousa" 

This would be the FIRST TIME for me to EVER join a Blogosphere Contest.
And I am soooo Excited!!!

I have been a blogger since 2008, but because of some problems on my identity I had to delete my old blog.
Then last year I decided to start a new blog. I guess you can never take away that side of me,,,, Always wanting to share my life by writing it down.

So now guys, come joing me on this contest and win exciting prizes and friends too!!!

Here is the complete sponsors' list of this CONTEST:

Designers Depot  * LEVYousa * One Day Graphics * Wahmaholic Blog Designs

It's all about me * My Tots Exactly * My Tummy Calls * Foodies Galore * One Proud Momma * Earn Dollars Pinoy * Samut Sari * Pink Memoirs * Hands Full of Life  * Gen walks * Pop Ups My Mind * Treat your Palate * Lovingly Mama * Flakes and Nuts * The Life Encounters * The Food Encounters * A Woman's World * Life is a Choice * Love home grow Garden * Jolly Toes * Seasons and Seasonings * Milestones and Marvelings * 2Homes 2Moms * Musings of a retired economist * Prudent Lifestyle * Prudent Sahm and Cooking * Orange Hut * Aphrodite: My so called Life!  * Philippine Travel Promos  * Mommy Lessons * Real men wear Aprons * Travel Monologue * Shopaholic Geek * Home Ramblings * Pink Nimble * What the Fat? * Mrs. Shoppiness * Journal of RJ's Mama * My baby RJ * Wonderfully Fabulous  * Shygirl's Own * Life of a Filipina Blogger * Newbie Momma * Momma wannabe Finally * Home and Family living * Health and Beauty Diva * Online Chikadora * Pictures and Cultures * Sweet as Candy * Brown Pinay * My Point of View * My Green living ideas
Family and Home living * Mommy Diary * Sweety Paula*
Mumwrites * Jareds Little Corner * Food.Fashion and Beauty * Mommy Survival Guide * Music, Movies, Stars, etc. * Bloggityboop


jared said...

hello there, i was one of the sponsors in this contest, i was hoping you can edit my blog, Jared's Little Corner's link from "http://jaredslittlecornerofthworld.blogspot.com" to "http://ethanjared.com" as i have recently moved to my own domain. i have also informed mommy Levy about this. it will be much appreciated. thanks ;)

Maribeth said...

Done na sis!
Thank you,,,,