Monday, April 11, 2011


It's Summertime!

Leanne and Nikko went home to Bicol today... I am going to miss them!
Nikko's "kakulitan", "sumpong",,, Leanne's "wala lang" always attitude!

Well, I do hope their trip will be smooth and no problems along the way.
They took an ordinary bus which will take them about 12 hours to get to Bicol.

Najel and Jan-jan are here at home, enjoying the summer. Though Jan-jan's vacation is soooo long already.

I was not able to go to the office today, last night Obet and I were talking about the children, our life, etc.
Then the next thing we knew is it's almost two in the morning!

Will go to the office tomorrow.

Hoping Accenture will call me up for the Job Interview....
Hoping Lucio Uy will answer my email queries....
Hoping that we will finally import Diesel this year...
Hoping for a better life!!!!

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