Saturday, February 12, 2011

Extended Birthday

Last night I went to a friends' house, Nitz...
May party for her daughter's 16th birthday,,,
Nandun si Atty Fe, Ate Viola, Ate Nanda, Ate Mila, Ate Jo.. dumating din si Tess at Patty.

We had fun eating, drinking and finally singing!!!!
It was so fun,
I realized that life is really great!
With friends, even not so close ones, gives you happiness.

Obet is still in Bicol, we talked last night over the phone.
Well, Nikko is still my problem... but then he's in a different level of his life right now.
And he's discovering a lot of things. I'll just be around to catch him if he falls.

Leanne is now looking for work, I do pray that she finds her way again.
Jan Michael is still the same, my son...


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