Saturday, January 22, 2011

Old Friends, Forever Friends

Yesterday I was to meet my old best friend buddy Mano,
Then it turned out to be a High School Batch Get Together!

It was fun,,,, nothing of what I expected at first...
Though because I was sooo tired the whole week my energy was low.
I'll be waiting for them to upload the pictures and post them here.

My besty will be going back to Malaysia on the 27th,,,
and we did not had time to talk alone.... Huhuhu
Last night was supposed to be our night.

Sabi nya babawi na lang siya pagbalik nya,,,
Sus, super tagal pa nun!!!!

Well, anyways... still not that tampo, kasi he came all the way from Dau, Pampanga to the Mall of Asia just to meet with us.

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