Friday, January 14, 2011


The past weeks right after New Year was so draining.
A lot of problems popped up....

First was my eldest daughter, she decided to live her life without following our advices.
She decided to follow her heart without hearing and understanding why we don't want her to dive into a relationship without first thinking about it a hundred times.

The guy doesn't have respect for us, her parents and her family.
A very un-respectful guy.
I have reached the point where I don't want to talk about him anymore.
Where I don't want to talk to my daughter about her future anymore.

She made it very clear that she wants to enjoy her life,
meaning we are just obstacles to her happiness.

She even posted something really very disturbing to me on her FB wall.

Well,, too much for being a mom.
I told my husband, well, we have done our part as parents.
She's now a graduate and a licensed Nurse.
She now can live her life the way she wants her to.

What more heartaches?
Money problems never seem to leave me.
I do hope this money problem would end forever.

I was so crying my heart out the other night.
And I literally cried to sleep.
I felt so unloved and uncared for.
I missed my Mama so terribly.
But, then life have to go on.
And I know the time will come when I will feel more secure,
More happy with my life... with my family.
Not anymore wanting.
Not anymore always looking for money to pay the bills, to have enough to buy food, medicine, etc.

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