Saturday, December 18, 2010

What's Going On?

Wonder what's going on in my life right now?
Actually a LOT of things:

  1. First the Christmas Parties just ended last night. And last night was the best ever Corporate Christmas Party we had at the office. And I believe my officemates would agree with me. With the new PGM, just about over two months. He's very down-to-earth, so heartwarming for us who were tied to a dictatorial leadership for ten years (right?). And now here comes a new boss who is making us feel that he is just within our reach. I am so grateful and thankful for staying on with GSIS.
  2. Thinking of gifts for myself, of course after sooo long.... I was thinking of buying myself an Apad. It's a china replica of the Ipad. Very cheap too. I don't have the money to buy a Laptop which is actually the one on my wishlist... But then the laptop can wait. For now, the apad is all I can afford to buy for myself.
  3. But then, I was initially planning to buy a Digital Camera.... So what really do I want to buy? Actually I still want the Apad because I need it for my Ebook and Audiobook hobby.
  4. Now,,, earning money. I am still into the Diesel business. Trying to close a deal with people who needs diesel for importation. Big and I mean BIG money is so much in the bag for this transaction. But it touches my heart to discover a few people who become greedy at the sight of money. That is why these deals are so hard to close.... But then I never lose hope.
  5. I want a Blog Makeover,,,, so i'm tring to find someone who don't charge too much to makeover the look of my blog.
  6. Hubby is applying for a job abroad, particularly the Middle East. Well, this was due to the fact that our eldest daughter seems to have hesitations on working right now. So we had to think of ways to have money for the schooling of the other children. But then honestly I don't want him to go. I need him here with me.
Well, life goes on....
Happy to have my family and friends. They always keep me going...

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