Sunday, October 31, 2010


We went to the Loyola Memorial Park, Parañaque yesterday, with my kids and Ate Jona.
There is where my Mama, Papa and younger sister Maricar Olivia lay in rest.

We enjoyed the stay and even found a new baby friend "Alex" just beside my parents' resting place they were visiting a loved one who also have passed away.
Cute Alex is a two or maybe three year old girl and is really very Bibo.... she's really so cute.

My children enjoyed it especially because it's bonding time for us. First time to get all together for some time, meaning with their Ate Leanne. Since she is already working, we seldom get out together. Usually one is missing.

This time we had great laughs sharing stories and dreams.
Too bad we still don't have a camera to capture the moment (will buy this December again).
Yeah, those moments can never be brought back again.
But before that, me and my eldest were having a tongue fight because of her boyfriend who I really soooo much despise.

Sabi ko nga, pangit na ang mukha e pangit pa ang ugali.
He never once introduced himself to us (parents). A humbug!
And now my daughter is defending him from us....
Hay, first love nga naman!

Well, we decided to stop the fight and never mention it again.
It just always ruin my day.

But then the day ended well yesterday and all is HAPPY!
Thank you Lord for the blessing of Family...

Though my requests, financial matters haven't been answered yet.
I know that He always provides.
My cousin yesterday pledged to help me with Nikko's tuition fee for the second semester.
A BIG miracle since we have already almost decided that he and his Kuya Jan-jan will stop school this semester because of financial problems.
But then, Jan-jan will definitely stop school first. To give way to Nikko and also he wants to look for work now. He's already 19 years old and well.....

Everything is good, I think.
Even with financial problems never leaving us, but then all is well that always ends well.
I thank God for good health always!


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